Screaming at a plate of machacas

Señor Moose – Seattle, WA

People often ask me how I stumble across the places I find, especially when I’m traveling. There is no simple answer, and it usually involves some spellcasting, some instinct, some Instagram jazz, a pinch of Google, and some trusted associates; people with whom I share some affinity for lore and story and who possess the same sort of fuck-it-ness that I have.

One of those friends is Pete Shin, aka @fatherpetemisty, a friend and associate whom I’ve shared many, many meals with, and who definitely gets me when it comes to food.

He is a Seattle native, and moved to Detroit in 2013. He loves his adopted home but in all the years I’ve known him it was pretty obvious that his heart will always be here in the PNW.

When I asked him for his recommendations he mentioned Señor Moose multiple times. His recommendations came with a hint of humility and caution; I could tell that he truly loved this place for comfort and homesickness reasons and maybe was a little nervous that I wouldn’t like it as much as he did. I could tell it meant a lot to him on an emotional level.

His fears were unfounded. It was delightful. Definitely a homey neighborhood vibe, with worn and beloved decor… The kind of place that has been a standby forever. The menu was excellent, with regions listed next to dishes to remind diners that Mexican food is more than tacos and enchiladas, that there is a vast and wonderful culinary landscape to explore in the huge country.

The brunch menu was excellent, with an extensive array of mezcal varieties and Mexican-themed cocktails as well as the requisite mimosas to go with their dishes. We ended up with the machaca with over-easy eggs and the sopes con platano. Both were perfect for breakfast with coffee before we started our Ballard adventure.

The beef, onions, and potatoes on the machaca con papas—fried delightfully crisp

It’s good to have a trusted friend, and a solid recommendation from them is priceless. Thanks Pete!

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