Coffee with Michael

It was just a normal sunny fall day in Lasalle Gardens and then Michael’s wheelchair ran out of power in front of my house…

Rocco’s Italian Deli

It’s food porn. In many ways, it’s the perfect meatball sub. The meatballs themselves are finely textured and you can just tell they’re made with love. It makes me feel like somehow I’ve become Italian. Suddenly, I have a loving and doting Nonna, and I spend every Sunday at her house after church anxiously awaiting […]

Keyboard customization

Most people don’t give a lot of thought to their keyboards, but for me (and increasingly many more of us), my keyboard is the primary tool I use to do my job and interact with a great many of my friends. Any professional that uses tools to do their job generally considers quality and comfort […]


Do you like Mushrooms? I do. Editor’s Note: RAY is my dad. He’s bored all the time so, in his dotage, I am allowing him to post on this blog for everyone’s joy and entertainment When I was a wee bit youngin, jest bout knee hi ta a rottin tree stump, my father gathered us […]

Hygrade Deli – Detroit

“What is your favorite restaurant?” It’s an impossible question. “Favorite” implies one restaurant, in all things, rises above all others in every possible way. It implies a sacrifice; the inevitable “desert island” question, a rhetorical game for children. You can’t have a favorite. Can you? I’d like to think that I don’t have a favorite… […]

Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreño – Detroit

I’m going to be re-posting some of the old content from my Instagram account; things I love and places I want to support. I’ll be perfectly frank: I am very worried that some of these places that I will be posting in the coming weeks will not survive the pandemic. Here’s to hoping that our […]

Washington State Road Trip – March 2020

A few months ago Nicole decided to book flights to Seattle because neither of us had ever been. We’d both been wanting to go for a long time but never had the chance. Finally she buckled down and booked flights and said “I booked flights, now figure it out. I want to go to Cascades […]


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