Do you like Mushrooms? I do.

Editor’s Note: RAY is my dad. He’s bored all the time so, in his dotage, I am allowing him to post on this blog for everyone’s joy and entertainment

When I was a wee bit youngin, jest bout knee hi ta a rottin tree stump, my father gathered us together one weekend to go mushroom hunting. “Ok… so what?” say you. To that I reply… back then, we lived in the north-central part of Detroit, (East Side to be exact), just a half-mile south of the Detroit/Warren border. We called it—as did Rapper Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers)—8 Mile Road. Some call it Base Line because it is part of Michigan state trunk line, as the East / West survey, and is known as M-102. Wow, now I know why people get confused. Because I am.

So, load up the car with basket and buckets and… “Kids get in the car!” and off we go to Mr. Dombrowski’s, our neighbor cottage, just north of Pontiac.

He lived across the alley from us. What’s an alley you say? That’s another thing to be discussed at a later date. Wait. You say cottage… Pontiac? That’s roughly 12-15miles northwest of the D. Who has a cottage in Pontiac? I did say “When I was a youngin…” Yes, because of the numerous lakes people did have cottages then. Pontiac was a somewhat rural area.

Now I don’t remember many details but I do know there was specific mushrooms you couldn’t pick. But again, I say, I was young. So I don’t imagine I did much pickin.

The most common mushroom I hear about is the morel, but my father would tell us smaller children to look for popinki “під пеньки” (meaning “near the stump”). I only wish I learned to hunt for both of these mushrooms (the morel is quite valuable).

I have a friend who showed me a picture of morels laid out on top of her picnic table. There had to be well over fifty. I asked her, “Where did you find them?” Her response was, “in the woods.”

It’s true. Ask a fisherman where he caught the fish and he’ll tell you… in the lake.

Either way, mushrooms are healthy for you. They are high in protein and vitamin D, and a good source of B-12. They’re packed with fiber and low in calories.

So now you ask me, “What’s he talkin bout?”

So, as stated, I like mushrooms. They’re easy to prepare and so good when cooked.

First, slice a bunch of ’em with onions.

Melt unsalted butter

Heat a frying pan on medium heat with unsalted butter.

Add mushrooms and onions to melted butter

Add the mixture to the melted butter and cook until onion is translucent and mushrooms turn dark brown (about 7 minutes). Add sour cream to the mixture for an enhanced taste.

Beverage of choice. Red Wine or Beer.

Dinner is served

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