Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreño – Detroit

I’m going to be re-posting some of the old content from my Instagram account; things I love and places I want to support. I’ll be perfectly frank: I am very worried that some of these places that I will be posting in the coming weeks will not survive the pandemic. Here’s to hoping that our government sees fit to include small and independent businesses in any economic stimulus or rescue efforts…

This was originally published January 20, 2019

The pupuseria was HOPPING today. The restaurant and parking lot were full because of 8 inches of snow and 10F temperatures. I’m not sure if it ever gets that cold in El Salvador but regardless, pupusas make perfect winter food. Chicken and squash, chicharrones, loroco flower, and lots of gooey queso fresco all stuffed inside a thick corn cake make for hearty and filling fare. Our meal was completed with a side of platanos y chicharrones with crema, Salvadorean cabbage salad and a cup of coffee… A phenomenal winter breakfast.

Tres pupusas – one with loroco flower and cheese, one with chicken and squash, and one with chicharrones. On the side: Salvadorean cabbage salad, and plantains and pork crackling.

Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreño is located in a small building at the back of a dirt lot off Livernois just north of John Kronk St. It might be easy to miss if you’re looking for it while driving down Livernois but trust me, keep looking, it’s worth the U-turn.

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  1. I like that place, your Mother sister and I ate there on the way to your house. The food was excell, the waite staff explained any dishes we weren’t familiar with.

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