Washington State Road Trip – March 2020

A few months ago Nicole decided to book flights to Seattle because neither of us had ever been. We’d both been wanting to go for a long time but never had the chance. Finally she buckled down and booked flights and said “I booked flights, now figure it out. I want to go to Cascades and Olympic and so we’re going”

So we figured it out. Now that we’re not allowed to travel, I figured this would be a good time to post the photos from our trip—the non-food photos! I know you’re shocked, but I do actually take photos of things other than what’s in my mouth.

Not a bad spread. It wasn’t all restaurants in Seattle, OKAY?

Nicole said that if she didn’t force me to get outside, all I’d do is stay in Seattle and eat. She’s probably not wrong; in her never-ending quest to visit Every National Park, she wanted to knock Cascades and Olympic off her list, so off to Stehekin (via boat ride over Lake Chelan), and then to Hoh Rainforest we went. We stopped at Hertz, rented a car, and away we drove, spending a night in Chelan, a night in Enumclaw, and a night in Forks before heading back for one more night in Seattle before heading home. We got to see a good chunk of the state, lots of climate and ecosystem changes, and some wonderful things that are unique to the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy the photos!

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