Cooking advice from Ray

Ray is my dad. He’s 73 and retired. He has a distinctive personality and is quite a character. Those who have followed me on Facebook over the years have gotten to know him via our banter; we have a “special” relationship.

Recently he let me know he liked my blog and I have been encouraging him to write for years, since once in a while he cuts through the BS that spews from his mouth on a normal basis and comes up with something truly remarkable, insightful, meaningful, and emotional.

Cooking for one is easy. I usually get two days of meals out of most recipes Decide on a recipe, purchase all ingredients. Do all prep work before you begin. Follow the instructions completely. Enjoy.


I thought that maybe writing about his cooking adventures might be of interest to him, so I invited him to write something for Delightfully Weird. The following is an unedited transcript of the conversation followed by his contribution. Enjoy.

Me: “If you ever want to write something for my blog, let me know”

Ray: “You’ll have to show me how to do that….I don’t even know what a BLOG is”

Me: “You know when you write something in a Facebook post with with a photo? Just write that in a message to me instead and I can post it for you”

Ray: “How can I be sure you’re not going to compromise all of my privacy”

Me: “You can’t”

Ray: “I’m leary then”

Me: “I will put your address, credit card information, and social security number in every post”

Ray: “Oh….I wish you wouldn’t bc all of that is fake and I don’t need to get busted”

Nine hours later…

Ray: “For your food blog”

Ray: “They taste tested the Stroganoff and approved”

Me: “you need to actually write something”

Ray: “Cooking for one is easy. I usually get two days of meals out of most recipes Decide on a recipe, purchase all ingredients. Do all prep work before you begin. Follow the instructions completely. Enjoy.”

Me: “dad, you write 7-paragraph facebook posts. You can do a lot more than that lol

I can’t make a blog post out of three sentences”

Ray: “Well I don’t feel like writing right now”

That’s my dad.


  1. My Blog

    Over time our methods of communication has drastically changed. In my growing up years, communication was simply , Mom opens Kitchen window, wave and hollar out, ” Helen, do you have a cup of flour I can borrow?”, to which neighbour Helen would reply, doing the same, “no”. At this juncture Mom again hollars, “(use any name) git yer skinny lil butt over here now”. I need not not say more. Run to the window, don’t hesitate and don’t dare sass. (I like that verse, “RUN TO THE WINDOW”, must file for future use). “Yes mother, what do you need”, Mom would give you a Quarter or Fitty sense, sending you off to the corner grocer, for a bag of flour. “And don’t be lally gaggin, or stoppin to see Jeffery”, “and bring me back my change”. Yes….over the years methods of communication have changed,
    I think it all began with the introduction of the Mobile phone, which eventually became the Cell phone, which then taught us how to send text messages, and Face Book gave us Messages and then someone invented Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram, and YouTube, and Snapchat and, and, eh and. Did you know, according to Google there are 65 Social Networking Sites. No wonder we don’t communicate anymore. Nobody answers the phone or responds to Text or Msging etc. Everything is screened, even Moms are sent off into that neverland of floating messages.
    But wait……..the guy at the corner store delivers now, so Mom doesn’t need you. She’ll just text that corner store and Mr McCharm will deliver, before Dad gets home from work.
    So young man stay in your room in front of the BIG Screen or, or at Jeff’s house with your Video controller. Mother doesn’t need you anymore, (Another line to file, MOTHER DOESN’T NEED YOU ANYMORE).

    So son you ask me to write about my recipe. Why, when I know you will do it. And I don’t have to.

    This is why we pro-create and produce offspring.

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